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QuadStrat is a suite of organization assessments that quickly pin point your best opportunities for strategic business improvement, illustrates management and employee alignment, and compares them to thousands of organizations in our global best practice database.

Developed with the support of UCLA and Pepperdine University, the assessments are rooted in fact-based primary and secondary research, yet are designed with practical business application in mind.

The underlining framework is the Organizational Dynamic Model which consists of 35 areas of strategic disciplines and features a “Strategic Performance Index” and “Report Card”. These disciplines are defined by three critical areas, Organization Strategy, Organization Design, and Organization Culture.

Assessment Types Include:


Small Business
Senior Management responds to 117 strategic best practice statements cover 35 areas of strategic best practices
Employees respond to 55 best practice statement
Board Members respond to 46 best practice statements
Management and employees respond to 59 best practice statements covering 19 areas of strategic best practices.
Management and employees respond to 55 best practice statements focusing on cultural best practices.
Delivers 3 integrated reports
1 integrated report
1 integrated report

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